Countries that need a visa for Mexico

On the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico there is a list of countries that require a visa to enter Mexico. Please refer to this link.

The Gulf of Mexico is the natural border to the East of the State of Veracruz itself that houses the Heroic Naval Military School where the 2nd Regional Conference of the Americas will take place. HENM is approximately 40 km from the center of Veracruz in the town of Anton Lizardo which is part of the metropolitan area of the City and Port of Veracruz. The metropolitan area is made up of the cities of Veracruz, Boca del Río and various towns such as Anton Lizardo, with a total of 8.13 million inhabitants throughout the state.

The Heroic Military Naval School, was created by presidential decree on July 1, 1897. It is a higher education campus which is part of the education, study and teaching centers that integrate the Naval Education System of SEMAR.. The 2nd Regional Conference of the Americas will take place in the auditorium of the HENM. Lunch will be provided by the hosts, Secretaría de Marina (SEMAR), in the HENM cafeteria September 30 - October 1. 

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Historical Center, Veracruz

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