WMU @ 40: conference on
maritime & ocean sustainability

20-22 June 2023

Malmö, Sweden

To mark the University’s 40th anniversary, WMU is hosting a celebration and an international conference on Maritime and Ocean Sustainability. Calling on the expertise of internationally renowned maritime stakeholders and of the University’s impressive roster of alumni, the Conference will mark the achievements of the University over the last four decades. From small beginnings in Malmö, WMU has grown to be a respected intellectual powerhouse of innovation and inter-disciplinary research. The aim of the Conference is to build on these foundations to chart the course of sustainable development within the maritime and oceans sectors in the decade to come, with lessons that can be applied to build sustainable capacity across the world.


The conference will feature experts from around the world speaking on topics related to maritime and ocean sustainability, including: 

  • Transitioning to Zero Emission Shipping
  • Focusing on People to Ensure Healthy, Safe & Secure Working Conditions
  • Promoting Closer Collaboration Among Stakeholder Communities
  • Rewarding Sustainable Performance and Fostering Innovation
  • Creating a Level Playing Field Through Transparency and Accountability
  • Protecting the Oceans Beyond National Jurisdiction

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With questions, please contact  conferences@wmu.se