Nilüfer Oral

Centre for International Law, National University of Singapore
Member of UN’s International Law Commision

Nilüfer Oral is Director of the Centre of International Law (CIL) at the National University of
Singapore, and a member of the UN International Law Commission, where she is also Co-
chair of the Study Group on Sea-level rise in relation to international law. She was a climate
change negotiator for the Turkish Ministry (2009 – 2016).  She also appeared before the
International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.  Nilufer Oral is a Distinguished Fellow of the
Law of the Sea Institute at Berkeley Law (University of California Law Berkeley); Senior
Fellow of the National University of Singapore Law School; and Honorary Research Fellow
at University of Dundee. She is a member of the Legal Experts Group of the Commission for
Small Island States on Climate Change and International Law. She is currently a member if
the Steering Committee of the World Commission of Environmental Law, and a member of
the Board of Governors of the International Council on the Environment. She was a member
of the IUCN Council for 2012-2016.

Dr. Oral is on the board of editors of several academic journals and has published widely in
international journals and books.