Kristie Alleyne

PhD Candidate and Research Assistant
WMU-Sasakawa Global Ocean Institute

Kristie Alleyne is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus with a
background in Marine Biology and Environmental Management. During her Bachelors
degree Kristie became very interested in behavioural ecology which led her to work with the
Bellairs Research Institute, examining the behavioural traits of cleaner gobies on both
sponge and coral microhabitats in Barbados. With an increased love for ecology and
conservation, Kristie pursued her post-graduate studies in marine management with specific
interest in social-ecological interactions. Subsequent to her Masters in Resource and
Environmental Management where she specialised in Coastal and Marine Resource
Management, she was appointed to the post of Research Assistant at UWI-CERMES where
she worked primarily on fisheries and sargassum related projects. After working on a
variety of sargassum projects for 2 years, Kristie now pursues a PhD degree at the World
Maritime University where her main research focuses on spatiotemporal analysis of
sargassum influx events in Barbados.