Beatriz Martinez Romera

Associate Professor on Environmental and Climage Change Law
University of Copenhagen

Dr. Beatriz Martinez Romera is associate professor of environmental and climate change law at the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law. She has a keen interest in the international climate negotiations, and the regulatory processes at the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Maritime Organization, as well as the developments at the EU level. For the last 13 years Dr. Martinez Romera has been teaching and researching on the field of climate, environment and energy transition law. She is the coordinator of the master courses on Climate Change Law and International Environmental Law and the Advanced LLM on Energy Law (NSELP). In 2020 she was awarded the Young Investigator Carlsberg Foundation Grant for a 3-year project on International Law-Making: Actors in Shipping and Climate Change. She is PI for a number of research projects including the Independent Research Fund Denmark project Enhancing Climate Action through International Law and the NOS-HS project Climate Change and Ocean Governance: Understanding International and Regional Ocean Regimes through the Lens of Climate Change.