Alla Pozdnakova

Professor, the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, University of Oslo Law Faculty

Alla Pozdnakova holds a doctoral law degree from the University of Oslo (2007), LL.M in International and European Law (2001) from the Riga Graduate School of Law and a law degree from the University of Latvia Law Faculty (1999). Pozdnakova is co-editor for law journal Oslo Law Review published by the Scandinavian University Press, a board member of the Norwegian branch of International Law Association, member of the Northern Areas Committee and Chair of the Research Group International Law and Governance at the University of Oslo. Pozdnakova teaches EU/EEA law, administrative law, law of the sea and Arctic law at the University of Oslo. She has published on a broad range of topics of public international law, law of the sea, EU competition law, environmental law, Arctic and comparative law. Her research interests also include outer space law and she is a member of the Space Law committee tasked with the preparation of a draft proposal for the new Norwegian Outer Space Act. She is a co-editor for the forthcoming book titled ‘Environmental Rule of Law for Oceans: Designing Legal Solutions’ at Cambridge University Press.