Siva Thambisetty

Siva Thambisetty is Associate Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the London School of Economics, where she researches and teaches comparative and international patent law with a particular focus on emerging technologies, including biotechnology. She regularly lectures on the institutional and policy challenges around the protection of technology and transnational rules that constrain domestic legal and regulatory measures, particularly in developing countries. Her research and policy work is rooted in an inter-disciplinary approach. In 2011-12 she was an EPSRC visiting fellow at the Imperial College Centre for Synthetic Biology, London, and recently completed a research project funded by Horizon 2020 on the enforcement of the Nagoya Protocol in Europe which has contributed to several policy-based initiatives. Since January 2019 Dr Thambisetty attended IGC2 of the UN BBNJ negotiations as Adviser to the Office of the Pacific Ocean Commissioner. She holds a BCL and DPhil from the University of Oxford and completed her BA; LLB (Hons) from the National Law School of India. A list of her publications and consultation work for public bodies can be found here: