The World Maritime University is centrally located and there are several hotels within walking distance of the University. There are a limited number of discounted rooms for the conference that are available on a first-come, first-served basis at Quality Hotel The Mill that is located 1.4km from the University. To be eligible for the discounted rate of 1280sek per night for a standard room for one person at The Mill , please use the booking number 2033GR000077. A limited number of discounted rooms are also available at the Clarion Collection Hotel Temperance that is located 500m from WMU. To be eligible for the discounted rate of 1380sek per night for a standard room for one person,  please use the booking number 6716 when you call to make your reservation. Note that May is a very popular month for events in Malmö, and hotel space will be limited so it is wise to make bookings for your accommodation of choice well in advance.

Copenhagen (Kastrup) Airport 
Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen, Denmark is the closest international airport to Malmö, and just a short train ride away from WMU. Train tickets can be purchased in the arrival hall after you have collected your baggage and cleared immigration. You must purchase your ticket before boarding the train. Trains to Malmö depart approximately every 20 minutes. The closest stop to WMU is Malmö C. Once you board the train, it should take less than 30 minutes to reach Malmö C.


Sturup Airport
Sturup airport is located in Sweden about 30 km outside Malmö. You can take a taxi to your destination of choice, or ride the bus to the Central Station in Malmö. The journey is approximately 45 minutes. From the train station you could take a taxi to your accommodations, although most hotels, and WMU are within reasonable walking distance.


The walk to WMU from the train station is less than five minutes. Exit the main entrance of the train station to reach the area where the buses load. Turn to your right and head towards the yellow building that says Malmö Börshus. Cross the street and head left. Turn to your right before you cross the canal. As you walk forward along the canal, the tower of the WMU building will come into view.  Take the foot bridge across the water and continue along the canal until you reach the WMU main entrance.


Malmö Public transport system
Central Station is the hub for Malmö's excellent public transportation system. Please note that all tickets for train and bus travel must be purchased before boarding as cash is not accepted on buses or trains. Staff at the Central Station transport office, Skånetrafiken, can advise you on the best option for travel and purchasing tickets based on your destination. Information in English about local bus and train travel can be found here at the Skånetrafiken website. 


Central Station is the closest train stop, and main bus stop, to WMU. There is a taxi stand outside Central Station if needed although WMU and most hotels are within reasonable walking distance. Taxis can be reached at (+46) 40 70 000 or (+46) 40 23 23 23 or (+46) 40 97 97 97. WMU has a corporate arrangement with the company Taxikuriren. For details please contact the WMU reception desk, or +46 40 35 63 00. 


Climate Neutral Travel
You can offset your travel and take responsibility for your travel footprint by using UN-certified emissions reductions though the UNFCC Climate Neural Now initiative. Emission reductions are created by projects that either remove emissions from the atmosphere, for example, by absorbing carbon dioxide in trees, or avoid creation of new emissions, for example, by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy. To learn more, click here.