Jung-Ho Nam

Dr. Nam, Jungho has been working at Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) since 1996, which is a government-affiliated research entity under the Prime Minister’s Office. His researches cover integrated coastal planning, climate change adaptation, marine environment management, marine ecosystem protection, coastal conflict resolution, transboundary marine environmental affairs, official development assistance, marine science and technology application etc. He has contributed to the formulation of marine policies for his government and establishment of legal and institutional mechanisms for sustainable ocean and coasts. He also has been involved in global and regional environmental issues and their related activities, including land-based activities control, marine debris management, coastal watershed management, transboundary protected areas etc. He contributed to activities of PEMSEA, COBSEA, NOWPAP, YSLME and World Ocean Forum. He served members of National Commission on Sustainable Development, National Commission on Coastal Management, and National Commission on Land Use Regulation. And he has been leading Marine Ecosystem Service Research Network of Korea (MESN Korea).