Jonathan Köhler

senior scientist
Fraunhofer ISI
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Dr. Jonathan Köhler is Senior Scientist at the Fraunhofer ISI (Institute for Systems and Innovation research). He works in transport economics and is an expert on innovation theory and long run technological change, macroeconomics and system dynamics. He has worked on biofuels in the transport sector and sustainable innovation in the transport sector. He is now working on transitions modelling and the modelling of innovation systems and processes in transport.  He has developed the MATISSE-KK agent based model (ABM) of transitions in transport and the CLEANSHIP ABM of technology investment and development in shipbuilding. He has undertaken case studies of sustainability in international transport for the EU GLOBIS and PATHWAYS projects and has led a project for the German transport ministry on Carbon Trading in shipping. He is member of the managing committee of the Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN), responsible for modelling issues.  He is manager of the socio-economic analysis of low carbon technologies in aviation for the EU CleanSky research consortium. He was chairman of the EU expert group on Foresight Modelling.