Anna Johansson

Minister for Infrastructure
The Swedish Government
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Swedish Social Democratic Party

Areas of responsibility
• Infrastructure

Educational background

1995–1996 Municipal adult education, social sciences and economics orientation

Posts and assignments

2014– Minister for Infrastructure
2013–2014 Areas of responsibility: preschool-compulsory school, children and young people, recreational and club-related issues
2012–2014 Board member, Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre
2011– Alternate member, National Board of the Swedish Social Democratic Party
2011–2014 Board chair, Got Event
2011–2014 Chair, sports and clubs council
2011–2014 Board member, Chalmers University of Technology
2011–2013 Areas of responsibility: elderly people, children and young people, recreational and club-related issues
2009–2014 Deputy municipal commissioner, Gothenburg
2009–2010 Areas of responsibility: urban development and integration, national minorities, SDN coordination
2007–2011 Chair, Bostadsbolaget 2003–2009 Chair, district council (SDN) Bergsjön
2003–2009 Information and opinion formation ombudsman at the Swedish Trade Union Confederation in Gothenburg
1999–2014 Board member, Bostadsbolaget
1998–2014 Municipal council member
1997–2002 Project staff/project manager in various labour market-related projects run by the Swedish Trade Union Confederation


Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation
Visitors’ address: Mäster Samuelsgatan 70, Stockholm, Sweden
Postal address: Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, SE-103 33 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone, switchboard: +46 8 405 10 00


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