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Chalmers University of Technology

Minghao Wu was born in 1988 in China. He is majored in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering and has obtained the BSc degree from Wuhan University of Technology (China) in 2010 and the MSc degree from Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) in 2016. His main research area is the hydrodynamics of ship and offshore structures. His master thesis project focuses on the CFD application of simulating the nonlinear 6-DOF motion of the wave energy converter as well as validation and verification of the numerical uncertainties. 

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Norwegian University of Science and TEchnology

Weizhi Wang was born in China in 1993. He received his Bachelor's degree and Master's degree of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering from Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, China, in 2014, and from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2016, respectively. His main research area is CFD application in marine technology especially wave energy. He participated in marine design project in ship resistance CFD group in the Autumn of 2015 and undertook his master thesis on OpenFOAM CFD simulation and verification and validation of a wave energy converter in the Spring of 2016. He is pursuing a PhD degree in accurate wave propagation calculation in Norwegian University of Science and Technology since September of 2016.

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Peter J.
PhD Student
Department of Maritime Studies, University of Piraeus

Peter J. Stavroulakis is a diplomate mechanical & production engineer from the National Technical University of Athens, with a master’s in business administration from the Agricultural University of Athens and a master’s in the health sciences occupational and environmental health, from the Medical School of Athens. In 2014, he began his doctoral studies at the Department of Maritime Studies of the University of Piraeus, with research orientation pertinent to the strategic management of maritime clusters. His research interests include the formulation of qualitative and quantitative instruments, for documentation and monitoring of aspects such as innovation and competitiveness within maritime clusters.

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Razon Chandra
PhD Researcher

A UK graduate in Maritime Management (MBA) who did Master Degree in Port & Shipping Management in Bangladesh with Bachelor in Nautical Science also 15 years experience in Shipping, Logistics & Supply Chain Management . Currently, the profile is working in a leading international development organisation as Logistics Manager to manage commodity/food/non-food from port to food distribution points by integrated supply chain management of CARE Bangladesh.Currently, he is studying in Bangladesh University of Professionals for doing PhD with the title “Design, Policy and Operations of Intermodal Freight Transportation System in Bangladesh”.

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Associate Professor
Svendborg International Maritime Academy

Signe Jensen has been Associate Professor at Svendborg International Maritime Academy since 2007, teaching Ship operations and Environmental management for master mariners. As course coordinator responsible for development and implementation of study programs and course content within this field. In 2010 she became Master in Environmental and Energy Law at Aarhus University. Master mariner graduation from Marstal School of navigation in 1998. Her previous experiences include sailing for Maersk line and Endelave ferries as Master Mariner and Captain.

René Taudal
Wellington Boigues Corbalan Tebar's picture
Boigues Corbalan Tebar

2007–2011 - Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) Degree at the Centro Universitário Antônio Eufrásio de Toledo

2012–2014 - Postgraduate Diploma in Civil Procedural Law at the Centro Universitário Antônio Eufrásio de Toledo, Presidente Prudente (Brésil)

2012–2016 - Master degree in Environmental Law at the University of Lisbon School of Law (Portugal)

2016 - Founder Associate Member of Brazilian Institute for the Law of the Sea (BILOS)

2016 to date - Research Member at the Study Center for the Law of the Sea "Vicente Marotta Rangel" of University of São Paulo (CEDMAR-USP), Brazil.

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Efe Akyurek's first mission is to develop ideas on maritime industry to change old fashion ways. He graduated from maritime faculty in third place with minor diploma degree on business administration. After 2 years sea experience as deck officer and MSc in Banking and Finance, he decided to work as DPA Assistant at a company that owns 3 bulk carriers. Now he is working as a Flag State and Recognized Administration surveyor while carrying on his PhD degree at Istanbul Technical University.

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PhD student
Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Shipping and Marine Technology

Shun-Han Yang is a PhD student at Chalmers University of Technology. She holds a MSc degree in Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering. Before she joined Chalmers, she has been at National Taiwan University as a researcher and at CSBC Corporation Taiwan - a professional shipyard of container vessels - as a marine structure engineer. Shun-Han's previous research focused on marine structure design and coupling analysis of ship’s hydrodynamics and structural responses. At Chalmers, Shun-Han is involved in a Swedish Energy Agency funded research project within the field of renewable ocean energy. This project aims to propose commercially viable solutions to develop methods and technologies for harvesting of renewable ocean energy.

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Chalmers University of Technology, Shipping and Marine Technology

Karin Andersson is professor in the division of Maritime Environment and Energy Systems. Her academic background is in Chemical Engineering (M Sc), Nuclear Chemistry (Ph D) and Environmental Systems Analysis. In addiiton studies in Archaeology. After working as a consultant in environmental systems analysis for seven years, she was one of the two founders of the research group for Environmental Systems Analysis at the department for Civil and Environmental Engineering at Chalmers in 1990 together with Torbjörn Svensson. The group has been active in developing and teaching environmental/sustainable development courses within different Master of Engineering programs at Chalmers and were a driving force in the development of research within Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in Sweden. This led to the start of a national competence centre, CPM with participation of more than 10 large Swedish companies. Karin is employed at the department of Shipping and Marine Technology since 2009. Her present research interests focuses on decision support relating to environmental impact and resource use by technical systems in shipping using Environmental Systems Analysis tools like life cycle assessment (LCA). Examples of present research projects are “future marine fuels from a life cycle perspective” and “marine energy systems modelling”. The research is connected to the maritime competence centre Lighthouse.

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Aykut I.
World Maritime University

Dr. Aykut I. ÖLÇER is a naval architect and marine engineer holding the position of Professor at the World Maritime University (WMU), Malmö, Sweden. In his Ph.D. thesis, he developed a novel methodology utilizing multiple attributive group decision-making and fuzzy set theories with the applications to Ship Design/Production area.

Prior to joining WMU, he worked at Newcastle University (England), University of Strathclyde (Scotland) and Istanbul Technical University (Turkey) within the fields of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. He played an important role in Newcastle University’s first international branch in Singapore to help the University achieving its objectives in teaching/learning and research activities in the undergraduate programs of Marine Technology.

For many years, he has conducted research independently/jointly and collaborated with other researchers, academics and students all over the world, in particular from Europe and Asia.

Dr Ölçer was involved in numerous EU funded FP5, FP6 and FP7 projects including OPTIPOD (Optimal Design and Implementation of Azimuthing PODS for the Safe and Efficient Propulsion of Ships), FASTPOD (Fast Ship Applications for Pod Drives), COMPASS (A Rational Approach for Reduction of Motion Sickness and Improvement of Passenger Comfort and Safety in Sea Transportation), COMAND (Integrated Crisis and Operation Management Decision Support System for Passenger Ships), SAFEDOR (Design, Operation and Regulation for Safety of Ships), IMPROVE (Design of improved and competitive products using an integrated decision support system for ship production and operation) and TARGETS (Targeted Advanced Research for Global Efficiency of Transportation Shipping).

He currently leads the WMU Maritime Energy Research Group (http://wmu.se/research) that has secured funding from the EU and IAMU for several projects including wind assisted ship propulsion (SAIL project, EU-Interreg IVB), improving energy efficiency of ships through optimization of ship operations (IAMU), and development of vocational education for LNG as a marine fuel (OTMW-N project, EU-Marco Polo).

His recent areas of research are:

  • Maritime energy management and energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy and alternative fuels (LNG in particular)
  • Real-time decision support systems for energy efficient ship operations
  • Climate change impact on port infrastructure and its adaptation
  • Lean, energy efficient and green ports
  • Life cycle cost/environment impact models of green solutions for ships, ports and shipyards
  • Decision making for trade-off situations of cleaner seaborne transportation

He has published results of his research in leading, internationally peer-reviewed journals such as “European Journal of Operational Research”, “Quality and Reliability Engineering International”, “Computers and OR”, and “Applied Soft Computing”.

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Adriana Avila Zuniga
PhD Candidate -Maritime Safety & Security
World Maritime University

Adriana Avila Zúñiga Nordfjeld holds a Licentiate Degree in International Trade and Customs from the Univer University of Mexico. She also holds a Master of Science Degree in Maritime Management with speciality in Shipping and Marine Technology from Chalmers University of Technology as well as a Master of Laws degree in Maritime Law from the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law at the University of Oslo. Currently, she is a PhD Candidate in Maritime Affairs, at the World Maritime University, with specialization in maritime safety and security. Ms Nordfjeld has more than 10 years working experience in the maritime industry/domain. Between 2008-2015 she was working at Statistics Norway, being responsible for the development and analysis of price and cost indices for international and domestic maritime transport. Prior to that, she held several managerial positions related to logistics. Her expertise revolves around maritime logistics and risk management, maritime safety & security. She is the author/co-author of several articles & studies both in Norwegian and English language.

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Associate Professor
University College of Southeast Norway

Karina Hjelmervik received her Ph.D. degree from the University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway, in 2009, in fluid mechanics with a focus on numerical modelling, rogue waves, and tidal currents. Since June 2009, she has been working as an Associate Professor at the University College of Southeast Norway where she is involved in several R&D projects, supervising students on all levels, and research on mainly fluid mechanics, maritime operations, and numerical analysis.