Smart ships – paradigm shift with data analytics

01/25/2017 - 11:00-01/25/2017 - 12:15


Sew Kait Thong
(APL )
Dimitris Konovessis
(SIT )


Dimitris Konovessis

In this paper we present our experience with applications and implementation of large data analytics on operational ship data for efficiency, safety and sustainability.  The background, including important regulatory changes, is presented first, followed by an overview of the technologies available.  The building blocks for technical implementation are then described, mainly focusing on issues of data reliability and monitoring, verification and/or calibration for effective decision-support.  The expectation for use of this paradigm onto the implementation of autonomous ships is also discussed in this context.  The paper will elaborate on experience with data acquisition units and their set-up and own experience with the implementation of data analytics techniques, including learning challenges and opportunities for data quality and quantity management.  Intelligent data analytics algorithms will be detailed in the paper.  Finally, a pathway to maritime operational excellence will be presented on the diagnosis, reliability and condition-based monitoring and maintenance of critical ship systems and equipment.