Shifting the paradigm from negative to positive impacts throughout the supply chain

01/25/2017 - 12:15-01/25/2017 - 13:30


Madadh MacLaine
(Fair Winds Trust)


Economics of Energy Efficiency

Michele Acciaro
Madadh MacLaine

Shipping connects the world, and arguably has more impact on humanity and our ecosystem then any other industry, making it a perfect vehicle for positive change.

Fair Winds multi access Praocargo is being designed, specifically to give remote regions with little or no port infrastructure access to world markets. Our areas of impact are SIDS and coastal LDC’s. We are currently working in West Africa and with partners in the South Pacific.

Our objectives are to design and build a cargo ship that has little to zero negative impact, can transport goods rapidly, access goods near point of production (shallow draft) and requires no port infrastructure (autonomous loading and off loading).

DUAL ports is looking at reducing cost and CO2 in NSR entrepreneurial ports. As a module of that project FW is creating a sail cargo network, using existing sailing ships to transport cargo between small ports, recreating the short sea shipping routes that were commonly used in the past, reinvigorating the North Seas formerly vibrant smaller seaports

In the Port of Oostende we plan on developing a sailcargo dedicated areas, using a derelict quayside and customs house, This quay can accommodate first stages, allowing a low impact “human sized” transport network to evolve.

This is a first step in a staged approach to introducing wind propulsion into small and medium sized shipping, while creating access for small sized ports and areas of remote access world wide.