Role of private maritime security companies (PMSCs) in sensitive shipping management

01/25/2017 - 15:00-01/25/2017 - 16:30


Helen Tung
(University of Greenwich)


Regulatory Framework (Part C)

Patrick Donner
Helen Tung

The role of Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) peaked at the height of piracy threats mid 2008.  Since then there has been much development of soft guidance from ISO code, BMP4 practice and further discussions of how best to ensure safety in shipping particularly in relation to the high seas.  PMSCs work along side important stakeholders in the shipping industry, including the Captain, seafarers, insurers, shipowners, charterers amongst others; what if shipments include sensitive materials?  What guidance is there for PMSCs to ensure further safety measures or do the current soft guides provide sufficient guidance.  This topic is in line with the discussions in terms of maritime energy management of transportation of sensitive materials particularly security concerns at the high seas.