Commercial wind propulsion solutions: Putting the ‘sail’ back into 'sailing'

01/25/2017 - 12:15-01/25/2017 - 13:30
Sasakawa Auditorium


Gavin Allwright
(International Windship Association (IWSA))


Gavin Allwright

We have seen a wind change in the industry over the last 4-5 years where it comes to shipping efficiency and this has gone hand in hand with a steady growth in commercial wind propulsion projects, matched by a very cautious and gradual change in the perceptions over wind propulsion in the industry. Nonetheless momentum has been building and this presentation will place that change into perspective, focusing on the change drivers, the barriers & solutions to that and examples of new build and retrofit projects to watch.

Firstly, outlining the current state of commercial wind propulsion and how we have reached this point from a technical point of view (sail design, rotors, kites and new hull designs), detailing the financial and policy drivers and the market barriers and how those will likely affect uptake of wind propulsion.

The International Windship Association (IWSA) establishment is a key development, the first organisation dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of commercial wind propulsion solutions in cooperation with the shipping industry and other major stakeholders. A key focus is on work streams tackling barriers and generating solutions in the policy, technical standards, finance, communication and cargo/market transformation fields.

Examples of 2-3 wind propulsion projects at an advanced stage of development will provide the audience a clearer understanding of the potential for change, rating performance and outlining the expected costs, returns and other commercial considerations.