International Workshop on BIODIVERSITY BEYOND National JURISDICTION (BBNJ):

Toward Development of A Balanced, Effective and Universal International Agreement

7 Feb 2019, MALMÖ, SWEDEN

As preparatory discussions prior to the 2nd IGC, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, together with the World Maritime University (WMU) is hosting an International Workshop on BBNJ, focusing on facilitating the discussions and proceedings to move towards the development of a balanced, effective and universally agreed ILBI. The workshop will focus on the topic of ‘Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ): Toward Development of Balanced, Effective and Universal International Agreement’. The event will bring together invited speakers and a selected audience to review progress at the BBNJ negotiations and to look ahead at some of the challenges and opportunities at upcoming sessions of the IGC, including within the broader context of implementing the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Global Participants

The Workshop will bring together leading BBNJ experts, representatives of UN system bodies, international organisations, governments, academia, civil society and WMU staff and students. Participation is complimentary and by invitation. 


  • Area-Based Management Tools, including Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s)

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Marine Genetic Resources, including questions on benefit-sharing

  • IMO and management of the marine environment

  • Existing efforts of Capacity-Building and BBNJ

  • Capacity Building and the International Seabed Authority (ISA)

  • Capacity Building and Transfer of Marine Technology (TMT) for management of BBNJ


Recognizing that all the goals are interrelated and indivisible, the conference is a call for action in support of achieving, in particular, Goal 14 focused on the ocean.